Turnkey Projects

We offer the option to deal with one contractor, that will meet all of your needs during the life of the project. We smoothly deliver a project integrated to your existing production systems.

You can rely on Consorcio Capital as main contractor, all the project responsibilities will be under the Project Manager scope and supervision. Thank to the vast experience of our project managers, they will take care of the project.

stages from:

  • Design
  • Fabrication
  • Installation

Including among others:

  • Project Management.
  • Startup and Commissioning.
  • Production Support or Standby.


Consorcio Capital provides an experienced mechanical and electrical Engineer department. Our engineers develop the projects aided by the latest CAD and modeling technologies. Depending on the scope of work of each project case, the following is generated:

  • Conceptual drawings with conveyors general characteristics.
  • Plant layouts with conveyors paths.
  • Conveyor components mechanical calculations.
  • Structural design and truss reinforcement if required.
  • Detailed drawings and components drawings.
  • Operation and maintenance manuals.


Consorcio Capital has three manufacturing plants in Mexico. Each one has the capabilities to generate finished products and comply with the company fabrication standards. In total we offer a 5100 m2 of fabrication floor. In Lerma, Estado de México, we have two manufacturing facilities with a total of 1100 m2 fabrication space.

In Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes there is a 4000 m2 fabrication facility. The people working at our plants generate quality products meeting each project specifications. All of our plants comply with the company fabrication standards.

If it is required, we have contractors to subcontract the fabrication, who will be under the job engineers supervision all the time. We work in a close business relationship with an independent machine shop in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas and an assembly shop in Hermosillo, Sonora.

Installation Capabilities

Consorcio Capital has a vast experience managing projects. To warranty the delivery of quality mechanical and electrical installations, we have more than 18 experienced field supervisors. Allowing us to oversight several projects at a time, our field supervisor are reliable and familiar with the job sites in Mexico.



In all of the cases, we bring to the jobsite construction equipment to aid the installation process, such as boom lifts, fork trucks, man lifters and cranes.

System Controls

The Controls department designs, programs, starts-up and gives support to the systems that controls and manages the conveyors.

Depending on each job scope, the control department generates the engineering, electrical design, control and programming for the conveyor operation, including:

  • Electrical drawings
  • Ladder diagrams
  • Pneumatic arrangements
  • Control panel diagrams
  • PLC and Human Machine Interface (HMI) programming.

We have experience programming Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi and Hitachi systems among others.


In order to keep your conveyor systems functioning properly it is wise to count with a preventive maintenance program.

Consorcio Capital provides service packages designed to extend the life of your conveyor system.

The maintenance programs includes inspections and preventive actions in the equipment to keep its proper operation conditions.

Please ask one of our representatives for the maintenance options available for you system.