Overhead Power & Free

The overhead Power and Free conveyors are the best for harsh demanding industrial environments requiring high versatility. They have the unique function to stop the load individually without stopping the whole production line. They offer features such as: chain variable speeds, high velocity indexing, in line buffering and elevation changes adaptability. More...

Inverted Power & Free

The inverted Power and Free conveyors handle the product on pedestals, the production on-line operations can be done quickly and efficiently with no obstructions. The product is conveyed in the floor and the operators can walk freely to the assembly line. More...

Floor Conveyors

The experienced gained during the years manufacturing floor conveyors, allow us to develop modular designs for an easier installation process. Take-up units, drive units and chain return are. More...


The roller conveyors are used to move pallets, containers and assemblies from one point to other. They represent a solution with excellent cost-efficiency ratio for simple material handling requirements.


The skids systems provides an stable load handling condition, allowing inline buffering. They can be manufactured by modules for a simple installation. More...

Lifting Devices

Vertical Drop Lifts or Lifters

These equipments are designed to raise and low the product in a multiple level system or to convey the product from one material handling system to another.
When they are combined with overhead systems, the system gains great flexibility, especially when they are used with Overhead Power and Free systems.

Transfer Devices


The transfer devices are pieces of equipment designed to automatically transport the product from one conveyor to other.

The operation can be automatic, semi-automatic or entirely manual. They allow the product movement from an overhead conveyor to a floor system.

Automated Guided Carts (AGC)

Smart Carts

The AGC or SmartCarts represent a solution with superior cost-effective ratio and provide optimum flexibility to move materials in your warehouse or manufacturing facility. They are ideal to automatically convey material in an assembly line or transport products in the fabrication floor. More...

Conveyor Parts

Conveyor chain, trolleys and spare parts

We keep in stock conveyor components and spare parts. The inventory tend to vary, though, so please before ordering, ask one of our representatives for a quotation, available quantities and delivery times.