Since the start of the company, back in 1998, Consorcio Capital has supplied designs, engineering, fabrications and installations of material handling equipment for the mexican industry. We are a conveyor systems specialists company.

Even though the company was established by the last decade of the 90's, the people involved in Consorcio Capital, has more than 30 years of experience supplying conveyors, mostly to the automotive industry.


World Class Added Value
The development of our people and the sum of efforts, contributes to make Consorcio Capital a player in the international and local market, where we can compete supplying material handling solutions to the industry. Through the years, we have demonstrated so, providing world class material handling systems to our customers, being the solution to challenges present in the manufacturing processes of our customers.

Meet customer's expectations
In Consorcio Capital, we design, manufacture and install high quality products, that meet our customers specifications and needs, allowing them to continuously improve their manufacturing processes. We believe that the most professional, inspired and committed personnel works for us.