AGC SmartCarts

The SmartCarts Automatic Guided Cart is a flexible and cost effective (AGV or Automatic Guided Vehicles). The carts are guided by a magnetic tape located in the floor, allowing a quick installation and the change in the system path in few hours. The SmartCarts are ideal to move material automatically in an assembly line or transport products in the fabrication floor. Because they are automatic and durable, automatic guided carts provide consistent and reliable product movement from point to point, they can handle small parts or heavy pallets.

The SmartCarts can be configured to meet your specific needs, for assembly operations, scissor lift devices or load handle carrier can be integrated in the cart. For warehouses and distribution centers, the SmartCarts offer a great variety of tuggers, which can tow loads from 27 to 2700 kilograms (trailer friction factor 2%). They can be customized for single or dual rollers AGC, providing a useful pallet delivery (as large as 48") to and from roller conveyors. The fork SmartCarts are ideal to pick up and drop off containers from conveyors or the floor.

Consorcio Capital is part or the global SmartCart distribution network or VAR (Value Added Resellers). Please ask one of our representatives for the SmartCart available model that better suits your needs.